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Yocon virus sampling products were well accepted globally.

Non-inactivated Virus Sampling Kit

This product is a non-inactivated virus sampling tube for mixed sample detection

Product use

This non-inactivated virus sampling tube for mixed sample detection, which is registered under Class I category uses the reagent with the same formulation as that of the tube registered under Class II category, suitable for large-scale screening in areas with low risks of infection in respiratory diseases.
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Virus sampling kit

Product typeProduct nameItem No.Reagent volumeProduct specificationTube specificationSwab quantity
Non-inactivatedVirus sampling kitMT0901-3-3.53.5 mL50 tubes/cartonφ16×100mmFive independent flocked swabs
MT0901-3-66 mL50 tubes/cartonφ16×100mmTen independent flocked swabs
MT0901-410 mL20 tubes/cartonφ29×120mmTen independent flocked swabs

Disposable sampler

ModelMaterialSampling siteBreak pointProduct specification
BZ0302-1Flocked/nylonNasopharyngeal swab8 cm break point1000 swabs/box
BZ0304Flocked/nylonOropharyngeal swab7 cm break point
BZ0304-1Flocked/nylonOropharyngeal swab3 cm break point

Product advantages

Excellent product performance

The virus sampling kit has a lower Ct value than Hanks solution at any virus concentration, when stored at low-temperature or ambient temperature.

Elution beads added to promote sample release

The elution beads are added to the reagent to promote sample release.

Higher positive virus isolation rate

The virus can be isolated stably within 48 hours by using the virus sampling kit at 2-8 ℃ or room temperature.

Transport stability guarantee

The tube dies are independently developed through cooperation with structural experts to prevent sample leakage and guarantee transport stability.

Safe and residue-free by continuous sterilization by irradiation

The expensive sterilization by irradiation is used to guarantee the safety of operators with sterilization integrity.

Product formulation designed to eliminate contamination

With a 15-year history of proven manufacturing processes and Class 10,000 clean production environment, YOCON offers you sampling products with a sterility assurance level of 10e-6.

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