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Yocon FEP Cell Culture Bag

Revolutionizing Cell Culture: Exploring the Advancements of FEP Cell Culture Bags in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research

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FEP cell culture bags are purpose-designed for the efficient and reliable culture of suspension cells in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and research applications.
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In the dynamic field of life sciences, the continuous pursuit of innovation drives researchers to explore new materials and technologies for cell culture applications. One such breakthrough is the FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) cell culture bag, a cutting-edge solution that is transforming the landscape of cell culture in both pharmaceutical and biotechnology research.

Yocon FEP Cell Culture Bag key features:

1. Compared with traditional EVA material, more cells can be obtained by better gas exchange from FEP material.

2. As a kind of inert material without cellular and tissue toxicity.

3. Resistant to extreme high and low temperatures, flexible from -196°C (cell cryopreservation in N2) to +137°C (autoclaved sterilization).

4. Glass transparent high gloss material, easy to observe cell state.

Product NameCatalog NumberQuantitySpecification
FEP Cell Culture BagFP00025 Pieces/Box1L,2L,5L or Customization

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