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HEK 293 Cultutre Serum-free Medium for Suspesion Cell

HEK 293 Suspesion Cultutre Serum-free Media

Product use

This medium is used for continuous culture of suspended HEK293 cells (such as 293T, 293S, 293E, 293F).
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Yocon HEK 293 Suspesion Cultutre Serum-free Media

This product is animal serum-free, contains a small number of protein components and it’s chemically defined. This product does not contain glutamine. It is recommended to add it as needed during the cultivation process (the concentration is 2 mM).

Supported cell densities:

4-7x106 cells/mL

Transfection efficiency:


Packaging lentivirus titers:

>1.5x107 TU/mL


light yellow clear liquid


1000 mL


<5 EU/mL

Osmotic pressure

270-310 mOsm/kg



Shelf life

12 months

Storage conditions:

2-8°C, protected from light


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