News Express | Yocon Biotechnology moved to a new location, and the first moving work was carried out smoothly!


Company Events

Recently, the first batch of employees ofYocon Biotechnology have successfully moved intoYocon's Miyun production base in Beijing, and the moving work has been carried out smoothly. The first batch of employees to move into the new production base include personnel from R&D, production, registration and other departments. They will work in a new working environment to ensure the smooth production and supply of Yocon products.

There is a brand new R&D base in the new factory, which is currently put into use. The R&D area covers an area of 2,200 square meters, with advanced R&D equipment and laboratories, which will provide us with a better R&D environment and conditions. Here, we will continue to be committed to the research, development and innovation of serum-free cell culture reagents, continue to launch safer and more effective products, and make greater contributions to human health.

Yocon Biotech's Beijing Miyun base not only has top-notch production equipment and environment, advanced R&D equipment and laboratories, and a good and comfortable office environment, but also provides an excellent living environment for the base's employees. The base will provide employees with dormitories, canteens, A number of living infrastructures such as gyms consider all aspects of employees' basic necessities, including food, clothing, housing and transportation. Employees will gain great satisfaction working here.


AboutYocon Miyun Base

Yocon Biotech's Beijing Miyun production and R&D base is located in Zhongguancun Industrial Park, Miyun District, Beijing. The park covers a total area of 25 acres and has a purified production area of more than 10,000 square meters. The aseptic filling background reaches B+A level static and dynamic cleanliness, complying with GMP level Internal review requirements for quality management systems.

Yocon Biotech's Beijing Miyun production and R&D base has a total of 5 culture medium aseptic filling production lines, 2 clinical-grade cell culture material production lines, and 1 freeze-drying production line. The material production line is dedicated to clinical-grade consumables such as FEP cell culture bags, multi-layer supply bags, and microcarriers. The reagent production line is dedicated to drug declaration-grade reagents such as GMP-grade mesenchymal stem cell serum-free medium and ingredient-limited grade NK cell serum-free medium.

The factory is equipped with a direct-fired machine room with a capacity of 2.5 million kcal of cooling and heating power, which provides power for the entire production line, maintains workshop temperature stability, and ensures stable product quality. The purified water and water for injection preparation system adopts a double-stage reverse osmosis + electric desalination module, which is sterilizable as a whole. The equipment column and tube bundle are all domestic first-tier brand seamless steel pipes without welding beads, ensuring accurate and stable product water output temperature. Provides guarantee for energy-saving optimization of the entire water injection preparation and supply system.

As one of Beijing's technological innovation and high-tech industrial projects,Yocon Biotech's Beijing Miyun production base also complies with the regulatory requirements of the China Food and Drug Administration, CE, and FDA. It will be fully put into production in early 2024.Yocon will provide more services to domestic and foreign customers. High-quality, innovative products, never forget the original intention, forge ahead, and create a new era in the field of cell therapy with both hands!