2023 International Bioprocessing Conference (BPI US)



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2023 International Bioprocessing Conference (BPI US)


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The 2023 International Bioprocessing Conference (BPI US) will be held from September 18th to 21st, 2023 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Massachusetts, USA. Yocon Biology Technology Company will participate in this event (Booth No.: 220) and have cordial and friendly exchanges with experts, scholars, and researchers from all over the world.


BioProcess International is the flagship event of Boston Biotechnology Week and the industry's largest bioprocessing exhibition. Meet face-to-face with more than 1,800 scientists, engineers, and managers working in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing worldwide. Multiple conference tracks cover various aspects of bioprocessing. Topics include Manufacturing Strategies and Bioprocessing, Cell Culture and Upstream Processing, Recovery and Purification, Analysis and Quality, Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy, and more. The event brings together internationally renowned experts and world-renowned leaders, providing an unparalleled platform for knowledge exchange and cooperation. Gain insight into the latest advances in bioprocessing science and technology, revolutionizing the way life-changing therapies are made. Validate manufacturing scalability, cost-effectiveness, and quality to meet the growing demand for cell and gene therapies and make these therapies more accessible to patients. Witness groundbreaking manufacturing solutions, learn from industry pioneers, and improve process efficiency. Connect with like-minded professionals, researchers, and visionaries shaping the future of cell and gene therapy manufacturing.


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1. Meeting name

2023 International Bioprocessing Conference (BPI US)


2. Meeting time

September 18~21, 2023


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Boston Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts


4. Yocon Biology Technology Company booth 

No. 220




Meeting content


1. Manufacturing strategy and bioprocessing

Apply digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to improve manufacturing efficiency through smart and data-driven bioprocessing.


2. Cell culture and upstream processing

Optimize the speed and quality of upstream processing through real-time monitoring, process development, and technology acceleration.


3. Recovery and purification

Leverage predictive methods, prior knowledge, digital applications, and data while applying transformative technologies to overcome bottlenecks, maximize quality and control, and enable next-generation downstream processing for emerging models.


4. Analysis and Quality

Use optimal analytical strategies, PAT, and process development while reducing time and obtaining high-quality products.


5. Cell therapy

Master raw material, cryopreservation, and logistics requirements for a seamless end-to-end supply chain.


6. Gene editing ex vivo cell therapy

Overcoming autologous and allogeneic manufacturing challenges through novel modalities, gene editing, and more.


7. In vivo gene therapy

Improve speed, consistency, scalability, and flexibility in gene therapy manufacturing.


8. New products in 2023! Well-characterized biologics and bioassays

Get practical advice from case studies, FDA, and regulatory leaders to accelerate your biologics and novel modalities/molecules to market.